Frequently asked questions about viviparous
What is viviparous? Most fish lay eggs, but some species give birth to fry. There are two types of viviparous - viviparous and oviparous. The oviparous bear eggs inside, and…

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Labyrinth fish: gourami, cockerels, macropods
The body of the gourami is very much flattened on the sides, high. The fins on the abdomen are long and filamentous, the anal fin is long, the dorsal fin…

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Hard water in the aquarium
The hardness of water is the amount of minerals dissolved in it. If the amount of dissolved minerals is high-the water is hard, if low-then soft. Water hardness increases when…

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Don’t forget! Fishes are distinguished tastes!

If you think about the diversity and differences of food that different fish prefer, it seems almost impossible to meet the needs of all the fish in the aquarium with one feed. As a result of research, Tetra managed to combine the most important components of natural ingredients and maintain a low level of water pollution due to the life of fish. Tetra feeds contain everything that aquarium fish need for a healthy and active life: vitamins, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, ballast substances and mineral elements. High-quality Tetra feeds make an important contribution to the health and well-being of fish in the aquarium, maintain the intensity of color and natural behavior.

Types of fish by method of nutrition:

Omnivores (Omnivore). This group includes most of the ornamental fish. It is best to feed these fish suitable types of basic food such as, for example, TetraMin flakes or granules and feed series Tetra Pro.

Tetrapro fish food

Carnivores (Karnivore). Prefer nutrition animals feeds. Animal feed refers to organisms from plankton to other fish. Carnivorous fish will suit the main food in the form of gel TetraNatura Bloodworm with bloodworm or Tetra ShrimpMix with Artemia.

Herbivores (Herbivore). Compared with other fish, they have a much longer intestine, so they need a large amount of ballast substances in the feed. This is the difference between flakes or granules TetraPhyll or chips TetraPro Algae.

Don’t forget! Fishes are distinguished tastes!

Thanks to the so-called chemoreceptors, ornamental fish can sense both smell and taste. This plays a big role in finding food, choosing a partner, as well as caring for fry. With the help of nasal openings, fish catch odors. Taste bumps, which are distributed throughout the body of the fish, but have the largest accumulation in the vicinity of the mouth, feel the taste of pleasant food.

All Tetra ornamental fish feeds are studied in long-term studies not only regarding the effect on fish growth and body resistance, but also on its acceptability. Only if the fish are happy to eat food, they are for a long time provided with nutrients important for health

Types of feed by type:


For example, TetraMin Flakes-flakes are ideal for fish that live in all layers of water, because they can be eaten, and when they are on the surface of the water, and when they sink. Unique raw materials superfine grinding, Tetra ensures the optimal utilization of nutrients and a gradual softening in the water. Tetra flakes also exist in size XL for fish with a large mouth.


For Example, TetraPro Energy

These so-called chips are produced by a special low-temperature technology Tetra. They contain significantly more energy than traditional food in the form of flakes. With regular feeding chips nitrate and phosphate content in the water, which is a frequent cause of algae growth, significantly reduced. By the way, chips are very well suited for use in car feeders. Thus, the fish are provided with everything necessary also in the absence of an aquarist.


For Example, TetraRubin Granules

The pellets are very porous, and so they soften quickly and sink slowly to the bottom, and thus can easily be eaten by even small or skittish fish.

2-color tablets and wafers

For example, TabiMin and TetraWafer Mix

We are talking about food for all kinds of ornamental fish that live in the lower layers of water, such as catfish, loach or some cyprinids that feed at the bottom. Since tablets and wafers immediately sink, this type of feed can be given sighting. Both versions of the feed can be easily hidden in secluded places to calmly feed also shy fish. Tablets disintegrate at the bottom, wafers, on the contrary, belong to extrudates, that is, they have a stable shape and retain valuable ingredients for a long time

Feed in the form of gel

For Example, Tetra Natura

Tetra invention-the main food in the form of gel TetraNatura Mix, which at the same time is a treat for fish. In addition to natural food, such as bloodworms, Daphnia and Artemia, the nutrient gel also contains important trace elements, vitamins, proteins and fats. Nourishing gel does not contain preservatives, it can be stored up to 2 years without the need for cooling. Unlike live or frozen food, Tetra gel food is 100% sterile and does not require pretreatment.

Natural food

For Example, TetraDelica

The Tetra range includes sun-dried, air-dried or freeze-dried aquatic microorganisms that optimally complement the fish diet. Bloodworms, Daphnia, Artemia and krill are exceptionally well suited as supplementary food. Fish will be grateful for this expansion of the diet. Dried natural food floats on the surface of the water and is therefore a treat for labyrinth and viviparous fish.


For Example, TetraCichlid Sticks

High quality wands are particularly well suited for feeding cichlids. We are talking about the so-called extrudate. Tetra Sticks is characterized by rapid softening in the water, which allows the fish to easily take food and swallow it.

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