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How long do aquarium fish live

Fashion to breed fish in aquariums appeared not so long ago, and the specifics of this activity still requires study and practice. All types of aquarium fish have ancestors who lived in natural conditions, so to create them at least artificially such conditions is the primary task of any aquarist seeking to extend the life of their Pets.

What affects the life span of fish
Aquarium fish

No matter how much we take care of the fish, they still die of old age one day. But the person who breeds them not only for their own entertainment, be sure to get attached even for a short period of time to their water households. Many, realizing this, seek to buy fish, less fastidious to environmental conditions or fish-centenarians. The life span of the fish, in addition to its species, is determined by the following factors:

size-big fish live longer;
the population of the aquarium inversely affects the life span;
compatibility of fish with other species;
water temperatures-in warm water, the metabolic processes of cold-blooded fish are accelerated, and life passes faster.
The biggest limitation that is difficult to overcome is the volume of the aquarium. Everyone knows that the larger the aquarium, the easier it is to care for it, because it is easier to create a natural ecosystem capable of self-purification and self-healing. But we have to adapt to the conditions that our home has, and most of them are quite modest.

On the other hand, people’s desire for pure aesthetic pleasure for themselves neglects these conditions, turning a small aquarium into a prison for fish. No wonder they die fast in it. Meanwhile, the nature of fish is such that they can live from a few months (for example, spawning carp) to 30 years (Goldfish, Astronotus, Cichlazoma), and such fish as catfish, sturgeon or carp are generally able to survive a person. Among the aquarium species are:

about 3 years live Apistogramma, Gippi Guppies, Swordtails, Platies, Donaciinae;
5-10 years of living Fish-angels, Barbs, a Loach, Danio, a Gourami, Score, Plecostomus, Tetras, Frontosa;
from 10 to 18 years Matenity, Nimbochromis, cyclide of Malawi, Severum, Catfish bengio, Caracature, Frontosa, Sturisoma, Panacea.
The age of fish not only affects its size. Old fish are more saturated color, but because of age become weaker and require more delicate care.

How to increase the life of aquarium fish
A goldfish is a species first associated with an aquarium. And indeed, they began to breed for beauty in the first aquariums. Since then, aquaculture has clearly shown its pros and cons. On the one hand, due to the lack of predators and diseases, the constant availability of food, stable environmental conditions, fish can live longer than their average age. On the other hand, these and other factors were natural selection, which removed the weakest individuals from the gene pool. When breeding in captivity, most defective individuals survive. The appearance in the aquarium of the causeless corpse of a fish is a manifestation of such defects in time.

What to do to fish lived its allotted time? Consider the example of a centenarian, which in Amateur aquariums is one of the first in mortality – a goldfish of the genus carp. The content of fish should be close to the living conditions in the pond-clean water and plenty of space (at least 80 liters per pair). Places are needed for bacteria and plants that will dispose of waste, for filtration and aeration systems, regular replacement of water.

Feeding is another factor that significantly affects the life span of fish. Under-feeding leads to their premature weakening, but over-feeding is much worse. Due to the lack of space in the aquarium, the fish is deprived of the opportunity to dump all the calories eaten and prematurely dies from obesity.

Growing fish for your own pleasure without caring for them will always be doomed to failure. So only attitude to fish, as to brothers our smaller, can do their complex living in an aquarium joyful and long.

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