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What are aquariums-types and forms

Before you buy an aquarium, the first thing you should understand their species diversity, and already based on your requirements and capabilities, choose the right option. Basically, aquariums are distinguished by two features, this is their form and functional purpose. Also, when choosing an aquarium, you should take into account the requirements of the fish that will inhabit it, because not every fish will be able to live and reproduce normally in a too small or large aquarium.

Varieties of decorative aquariums

Model variety is aquariums of different shapes, ranging from conventional round and rectangular, and ending with non-standard angular, cylindrical and octagonal models.

The choice of form depends on the interior of the room. As for the size, its choice already depends to some extent on the type of fish that will live in it.


Keep in mind a few rules of selection of aquarium, in relation to its size:

“The bigger the aquarium, the bigger the fish will grow.” However, you need to understand that from a small fish you will not grow a huge pike, but if this fish has the specific prerequisites of “large size”, then in a large aquarium it will grow much faster than in a small one.
“Each fish requires a certain amount of free space”, that is, the size of the aquarium should be selected with the calculation for each fish of 1 liter, for example, in a 52 liter aquarium, you can keep no more than 52 fish, depending on their size.
“Big fish-big aquarium”, because not every big fish is able to exist normally in a small 5 l “Bank”.
“The bigger the aquarium, the less trouble.” Small aquariums need constant monitoring and care, unlike large aquariums, they often have sharp changes in water temperature.
Also, when choosing an aquarium, you should pay attention to the thickness of its glass. For large models, it should be thick enough, for example, for models with a capacity of about 170 liters – at least 6-7 mm.

Thus, choosing models of non-standard forms, it is necessary to consider their compatibility with the rest of the aquarium equipment. For example, not all filters for aquariums are suitable for models of round shapes. Also, for non-standard models, with thicker glasses, it is difficult to find a suitable pallet in size.

Variety of aquariums according to their functional purpose
Basically there are two types:

decorative aquariums, can be used to decorate or complement the interior;
special-are used to create individual incubators, jigs, and quarantine aquariums for the treatment of fish.
Decorative aquarium

In turn, decorative aquariums are divided into:

biotope-reproduce in detail a section of the underwater landscape of a certain area, contain a certain species composition of fish and plants characteristic of the reproduced area;
species-characterized by the presence of a certain type of fish or several adjacent groups of fish of the same genus, mainly serve to monitor the behavior and reproduction of fish;
ordinary (“home”) — carry more aesthetic character, the selection of fish, plants and decorations is based on personal tastes and preferences of the owner;
Dutch-resemble an underwater greenhouse, as the selection of certain types of plants and scenery comes to the fore, and its living inhabitants rather serve to revive the whole composition; these types of aquariums differ in a kind of geometry and dimension-the width of the aquarium is much greater than its length.
As for special aquariums, they are mainly characterized by greater practicality than aesthetic qualities. Basically, for such purposes, small rectangular models of aquariums are chosen, with the presence of aeration, filtration, and thermoregulation systems.

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