Why does the water in the aquarium turn green
One of the most common problems associated with the care of the aquarium — changing the color of the water. Although greening does not bring tangible harm to plants and…

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Contributing to the solution of complex and versatile tasks, the aquarium must meet certain requirements, be convenient for its inhabitants, observation and systematic maintenance, have the most acceptable design solution…

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Anubias (Anubias)
It is not surprising that many species grow slowly in the aquarium. Leathery leaves, departing from the creeping rhizome, remain green for several years. Propagated by dividing the rhizome, which…

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Aquarium tips: essential information

The most common cause of fish diseases is stress. The cause of stress can be the wrong environment and food or the wrong choice of fish species-some species can not coexist in the same aquarium. Maintain the well-being of fish in the aquarium is not difficult, if you pay attention to the following points:

First, the aquarium itself. From what aquarium you choose depends on its future location, the necessary equipment and species of fish. One of the main requirements – the aquarium should be in a suitable place and on a stable surface, where it can not be accidentally touched. It is also important to avoid drafts and direct sunlight. The size of the aquarium should correspond to the type of fish you choose. If you choose a small aquarium (about 75 liters) – then you will fit small fish. Continue reading

How to pick up fish in the aquarium

Tips on how to choose the right kind of fish for your aquarium.

There are a huge number of species of fish, which makes the choice quite difficult for a beginner in this business. Many people give up doing aquarium because of the fact that they choose the wrong kind of fish for their aquarium and because of the wrong care for them. Choosing the right fish is an important task that you can easily cope with by doing a little research. What kind of freshwater fish you choose ultimately depends on many factors. However, not all fish species can coexist.
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Why are my guppies fighting each other?

Neil Monks will give some advice to the reader about possible skirmishes between male guppies.

Question. I have a 65-litre (14 gallon) full-cycle aquarium and 4 male blue guppies live in it. I recently added four more male guppies to the aquarium, this time red guppies, and it looks like they’re hitting on each other, but I don’t know if they’re fighting.

I’ve read that male guppies tend not to bother each other. Why doesn’t that apply to my fish? Will they stop behaving like that after they get used to each other? If not, would they cause each other serious injury? Continue reading

How to get rid of snails in the aquarium?

Snails multiply very quickly, and, like a forest fire in the shortest possible time fill your aquarium. They eat up aquarium plants, disturb the ecological balance and simply spoil the appearance of the aquarium. There are many species of snails that are very small in size. Their eggs are correspondingly even smaller. Because of this, they are very difficult to find everything and bring out. Also, they are very easy to transfer to another aquarium with plants, equipment. From snails in large quantities it is better to get rid of. This may require effort and patience, but is necessary before the aquarium is completely exposed to snail infestation. Continue reading


And fish is not for everyone. Firstly, they have a fairly high cost, secondly, they need an aquarium about 3-4 meters long, and thirdly – these fish are predators. They constantly need live food.

Now, with regard to more specific data on the content of Arowana:

Physical characteristic:

Arovana is a large fish, the largest individual was caught by fishermen in the Amazon river basin. Its size was 152 cm. Although, in General, it rarely exceeds the length of 110 cm. the body of Arowana is covered with rigid scales with bony plates. The anal and dorsal fins start from the middle of the body and reach the tail. The pectoral fins are usually light at an early age. Over time, darken. Continue reading

Labyrinth fish: gourami, cockerels, macropods
The body of the gourami is very much flattened on the sides, high. The fins on the abdomen are long and filamentous, the anal fin is long, the dorsal fin…


Hard water in the aquarium
The hardness of water is the amount of minerals dissolved in it. If the amount of dissolved minerals is high-the water is hard, if low-then soft. Water hardness increases when…


Why are my guppies fighting each other?
Neil Monks will give some advice to the reader about possible skirmishes between male guppies. Question. I have a 65-litre (14 gallon) full-cycle aquarium and 4 male blue guppies live…


What water to pour into the aquarium
If you are a beginner aquarist, then you have to perform a lot of preparatory work for the launch of the aquarium. Even if you can not wait to start…