How to wash an aquarium
Many, before you buy an aquarium, do not even think about how it should be properly cared for, cleaned and maintained. Some believe that occasionally changing the water and cleaning…

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Why does the water in the aquarium turn green
One of the most common problems associated with the care of the aquarium — changing the color of the water. Although greening does not bring tangible harm to plants and…

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Do aquarium fish sleep?
This question aquarists ask quite often, it is especially popular among beginners. Often this is due to the peculiarities of the daily routine of the owners of the aquarium. For…

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How to prepare an aquarium to run fish

Stages of work on the arrangement of a new aquarium
In order for the aquarium to function smoothly in the future, it is important not only to choose the right equipment, decorations and accessories, but also to do everything slowly, in the right order. The most important stages in the arrangement of the aquarium are:

selection of aquarium and equipment;
preparation of soil;
the landscaping of the aquarium and the choice of scenery;
preparation of water;

the run of fish.
Before buying, you should pay attention that there are two types of aquariums — marine and freshwater. It is equally important to choose the right shape: Continue reading

How often and correctly to wash the aquarium

The main responsibility for the health of fish in the aquarium is water. It is their habitat, and its quality can significantly affect the life of any living creatures in an artificial pond. In a properly organized large aquarium, the natural formation of flora is possible, which will be capable of self-healing. But the smaller the aquarium, the lower the chance of forming a natural ecosystem in it. Therefore, every aquarist should always be aware of the rules of cleaning the aquarium. And since any washing of the aquarium is a strong stress for its inhabitants, then fast and accurate its conduct is possible only with careful advance preparation. Continue reading

Why do aquarium fish die/die

When fish die out in the aquarium, many owners do not understand the reasons, run to the pet store to buy funds from such a scourge. But very often this leads only to the deterioration of the situation-the plague unfolds with renewed vigor. Therefore, before looking for solutions to the problem and you need to find out its main cause.

Water quality
Experienced aquarists argue that there is no more important factor for the maintenance of the aquarium in the proper form than the quality of the water. If it has deteriorated, the well-being of your Pets is also not guaranteed. In the worst case, extinction will begin. The reason for the drop in quality can be:

lack of filtration;
rare water substitution; Continue reading

Why does the water in the aquarium turn green

One of the most common problems associated with the care of the aquarium — changing the color of the water. Although greening does not bring tangible harm to plants and fish, owners begin to worry a little untidy appearance of such an artificial pond. So what are the reasons for such changes and how to eliminate them?

Reasons for color change
It is always easier to prevent a problem from occurring than to puzzle over how to fix it. The question of the proper aquarium care is also a concern. To prevent water turbidity, it is necessary to regularly check the equipment for aquariums, properly organize the food of fish, as well as choose the right place for your “home pond”.

But if difficulties arose, most probably the reason lies in one of the following factors: Continue reading

How many fish can be placed in the aquarium

So, you have chosen the aquarium of your dreams, decorated with beautiful plants and all sorts of original decor elements? It remains a small matter — to take care of its inhabitants. And here the main question arises — how many fish can be “settled in the neighborhood”, so that everyone has enough space, and the artificial pond does not look “crowded”?

What you need to consider before buying fish?
There is an approximate scheme to determine the optimal number of fish in the aquarium. For each of its inhabitants up to 5 cm should have at least 2 liters of water, with a length of 8-10 cm, you need at least 3-4 liters, and if more than 12 cm — 8-10 liters. Therefore, the decisive factors will be:

the volume of the aquarium; Continue reading

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